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M & M Horsemanship

Mark and Miranda proudly feed Purina products to ensure that the best nutrition is provided for their horses.
They want them to perform their best, so why not feed them the best.

M and M Horsemanship
With each having over a decade of training experience and through the influence of horsemen such as Ray Hunt, Peter Campbell, Buck Brannaman, and Martin Black; Mark and Miranda have developed a unique combination of training skills which have proven to be successful whether they are working with a ranch horse or an award winning National Champion Jumper.

Mark and Miranda are a versatile team that individually have unique skills which enable them to offer a wide range of instruction to the horse community. They both appreciate and understand the importance of a versatile horse and strive to develop each horse and rider to their full potential.

Miranda Holaday-Lyon operates M&M Horsemanship in the Gainesville area and Mark Lyon operates Mark Lyon Horse Training in the Collinsville area. Please contact Mark and/or Miranda to get your needs and questions answered and goals met.

Miranda Holaday-Lyon
Phone: 501-249-0117

Mark Lyon
Email:mark@mandmhorsemanship.com or mark@marklyonhorsetraining.com
Phone: 402-680-2257

Miranda Holaday-Lyon Biography
Miranda Holaday-Lyon’s passion for horses was sparked as a little girl. Born and raised in Southwest Missouri, it all began with a kind-hearted Shetland pony named Ricky that was gifted to Miranda by family friends. Growing up, Miranda spent time working with various breeds of horses and riding in a variety of disciplines. Eventually she found herself working under an NRHA professional trainer, and it was then that Miranda’s passion for the western performance horse was fostered.
From that point forward, her desire to expand her horsemanship and knowledge about the horse endured so she spent copious amounts of time studying under other world renown colt starters and performance horse trainers in an effort to hone her skills in various disciplines such as; Cow Horse, Ranch Horse Versatility, Reining, Liberty, and Dressage; together giving her an extensive foundation for her own concept towards horsemanship without re-inventing-the-wheel of horse training.
One particular approach to horsemanship that has perhaps shaped Miranda at her core is the time-honored tradition of the Vaquero style of horsemanship. The ideology of the Vaquero Horsemen is an established artistry of training a horse not only physically, but also to shape the horse’s way of thinking. The essence of this culture of horsemanship can be seen throughout Miranda’s approach to colt starting, advancing a performance horse, and keeping a seasoned bridle horse sharp as her goal is to keep training sessions fresh and simple for the sake of the horses.
Because of her commitment to this traditional style of horsemanship, and her time spent investigating other avenues of the horse industry, Miranda has been able to create positive ways of teaching students how to better understand the horse’s manner of operating in order to assist them in developing the horse in an efficient and straightforward fashion without omitting any detail. She has coached riders and handlers successfully competing in colt starting competitions, Ranch Horse Versatility, Reining, Cow Horse, Dressage, Working Equitation, Freestyle, and Liberty competitions.
Miranda herself is often booked with horses to train, clinics and lessons to teach, and demos to perform all over the world alongside her husband, Mark; however, when Miranda does have time to compete, she consistently finds herself in the top placings at competitions. She has successfully competed in multiple Extreme Mustang Makeover and Mustang Magic events, Cowboy Mounted Shooting, Colt Starting Competitions, Hunter Jumper shows, and Ranch Horse Versatility. She and Mark have recently began exploring the Equine Entertainment Industry and performed various acts for two long-running Equine Theater Shows with their horses in 2019. Miranda and Mark recently had a cameo appearance with two of their horses in a short film.
In her rare downtime, Miranda relishes visiting with her family, fishing, and shenanigans with her friends. Miranda also revels in working on new ideas and seasoning two of her own horses, Hemi and Jamie—each being cow horses that were bred and raised by the Terry Ranch of Hardin, Texas.

Mark Lyon Biography
Mark Lyon was raised in Nebraska and grew up in town but always dreamed of riding good horses and being a cowboy. While growing up he developed problem solving, thinking outside the box and relationship skills he would find necessary with horses. His horsemanship study led him to seek out Buck Brannaman, Martin Black, Peter Campbell and was blessed to learn from these and many other great horsemen, and discovered that the Vaquero style suited his style of riding the best. The Vaqueros took the practicality of getting the job done in the real world while incorporating the style, grace and finesse of Dressage and combining them into an art that was beneficial to the horse and human. In 2004 After learning from many clinicians and developing his horsemanship he started training horses full time for the public. In 2008 he won the Fort Worth Mustang makeover, followed by reserve in the Smackdown at the Sun Circuit in Scottsdale, he won several competitions in Ranch horse versatility, Ranch roping, Cowboy mounted shooting, colt starting, and Liberty. He continues to study how to be a better horseman and strives to learn a different equine activity each year. He now tours the USA and overseas teaching clinics, training horses and starting colts in the summer and spends the winter teaching, and training at home in Texas.

Cowgirl Shooting Mustang Magic 2009

Man prepares the horse for competition, but the victory comes from God.
~Proverbs 21:31~

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