M and M Horsemanship, Mark and Miranda Lyon

M & M Horsemanship

Mark and Miranda proudly feed Purina products to ensure that the best nutrition is provided for their horses.
They want them to perform their best, so why not feed them the best?

 5 Star Saddle Pads 
   Breast Collars 
 Rope Halters 
 Tree Line Lead Ropes 
 Ranch Ropes 
   Slobber Straps 
 Cinch Hooks 
 Shipping & Returns 

M & M Horsemanship offers products for sale that they use in their daily horse training endeavors. The products that they offer are ones that they know are harder to find for the quality and design as well as mostly made in the USA.

Mark and Miranda have over the years training horses become certain of what works for them and helps them work smarter and not harder in their daily lives helping horses. The products that you can choose from are made with premium quality and longevity in mind.

Any Product that is offered by M & M Horsemanship can be special ordered or altered upon request. If there is a product that you are looking for that they do not carry, please contact them with your request to find out where they recommend for you to shop. For example, Mark and Miranda recommend www.martinblack.net for more traditional gear like bosals, Romel Reins, and Horse Hair Mecates.

Note: Extra Shipping charges may apply when shipping Internationally.
*Upon Receipt of your order, we will configure the remaining international shipping charges and confirm this total and your billing email address to send an invoice. Once the extra shipping charges are paid, your order will be shipped.

M and M Horsemanship, in an effort to promote good horses and good horsemanship, will occasionally post horses we personally own, have trained, and feel they are the quality we expect and are proud to represent for sale.

Contact Miranda 501-249-0117 or Mark 402-680-2257.

Man prepares the horse for competition, but the victory comes from God.
~Proverbs 21:31~