M and M Horsemanship, Mark and Miranda Lyon

M & M Horsemanship

Mark and Miranda proudly feed Purina products to ensure that the best nutrition is provided for their horses.
They want them to perform their best, so why not feed them the best.

M and M Horsemanship, Mark and Miranda Lyon
Mark and Miranda Lyon are horse trainers who travel to the areas that they are needed. Mark and Miranda generally travel in the spring and summer, spending time training and giving clinics in the northern states. During the winter months they are based out of Whitesboro, TX. During the summer their main base is in the Omaha/Lincoln, NE area.

Horse training services include colt starting, problem solving, private, riding lessons and clinics.

Mark and Miranda have the experience to help you reach your horsemanship goals.

Contact Mark and Miranda to find out how their horse training services can benefit you.
Mark and Miranda can start your colt right using natural horsemanship and vaquero traditons providing your horse with a solid foundation for success.

Start your colt right! You will feel the difference!

At the end of 30 days most colts will be able to: walk, trot, lope, pick up correct leads, stop, back, pivot on forehand and hindquarters, sidepass and
complete trail obstacles (cross bridges, water and tarps, drag logs and sleds, open and close gates).

The first 30 days of riding lay the foundation for the horse's entire riding career.

We work hard at making that foundation solid and positive by teaching horse's to search for the right response and to think.
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Man prepares the horse for competition, but the victory comes from God.
~Proverbs 21:31~